Friday, December 30, 2011


Canadian Forces vehicles drive southbound on Highway 1 towards Kandahar Airfield in the last CF convoy from Camp Julien in Kabul, Afghanistan.
With the handover of Camp Julien to the government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan on November 29 2005, this convoy was the last to transport equipment, supplies and personnel to Kandahar from Camp Julien. The Canadian presence at Kandahar Airfield continues to grow so that by February 2006, there will be a brigade level headquarters and a 2000-strong task force.
After the Afghan National Assembly and Provincial Council elections, the Canadian Forces completed their mandate in Kabul in October 2005. Canada continues its strong defence commitment to Afghanistan by concentrating Canadian Forces personnel and equipment to the Kandahar region. (Canadian Forces Image Number IS2005-0516/By MCpl Robert Bottrill, Canadian Forces Combat Camera)

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