Monday, December 12, 2011


The Australian International Airshow 2011 at Avalon in Victoria is not just about aircraft. One such place is the 'Avalon Arena' which is set up very much like a 4x4 test track. On display are many types of military all-terrain vehicles and prototypes. Such vehicles include the Bushmaster IMV (Infantry Mobility Vehicle) 4×4 armoured vehicle which is currently deployed within Afghanistan for the Australian Army. Also on show is Thales Australia's Bushmaster Single Cab Utility prototype (shown), which may replace a fleet of over 2,000 Australian Defence Force field vehicles under evaluation for LAND 121 Phase 3 program's Medium Heavy Capability component. Thales Australia's Bushmaster Single Cab Utility has been selected for the next stage of the tender evaluation process in the medium-weight category. The Bushmaster armoured vehicle, developed by Thales Australia (formerly ADI Limited) in Australia is in full production at Thales's protected mobility systems manufacturing facility at Bendigo, Victoria. (Photo: Australia DoD)

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