Friday, November 18, 2011

Leopard 2 A4M

A Leopard 2A4M CAN from 12e Régiment blindé du Canada (12eRBC) conducts a road move on Route HYENA (Panjwa’i Road) in the Horn of Panjwa’i. The Leopard 2 is providing security to an Afghan construction team that is widening and improving the existing dirt road, turning it into an all-weather paved road that is eight metres wide and 18 kilometres long. This road will help residents access economic centres for selling their produce, have better access to government services such as education and health care, and bring issues to the District Governor in a timely and efficient manner. Task Force Kandahar will continue robust security operations in conjunction with the Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, Afghan National Security Forces, and its coalition and civilian partners in order to eliminate insurgent violence and set the conditions for successful and sustainable governance, development and peace in Southern Afghanistan. (Canadian Forces Image Number AR2011-0034-001 By Cpl. Tina Gillies, JTF-A Image Tech, with Roto 10)

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