Saturday, August 27, 2011

Integrated Smart V™

The Integrated SMART V™ - Survivable, Modular and Affordable while utilizing a high Re-use strategy and proven innovative Technology.

The Integrated Smart V™ (ISV™) solution demonstrates BAE Systems’ commitment to offer an uncompromising and highly survivable high-mobility multi-purpose wheeled vehicle (HMMWV) for America’s Armed Forces. The ISV solution features a lightweight monocoque V-shaped hull with front and rear frame clips that attach to the hull to provide the most rigid side- and mine-blast protection available in one affordable package.

The ISV™ has significantly improved underbody protection with a highly survivable and adoptable modular design that has three distinct sections creating greater flexibility to tailor each vehicle. The ability to re-use the power train components and the use of low cost materials (not exotic) make this an affordable solution reducing the logistics footprint. The innovative technology behind the ISV leverages 40 years of proven mine protection and 60 years of survivability experience. The ISV provides more cost effective upgrades now and in the future. (Photo: BAE Systems Global Tactical Systems)

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